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The Endex Premium Waterproof Sports Robe

Your Own Personal Comfort Zone

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What is the ‘Endex’ feeling?

‘Endex’ is a military term used to denote the end of a hard exercise. It signals the moment when, regardless of how aching, tired, sore, wet, hungry, muddy or cold you are, you realise that it’s over, that you’re going to be OK, that you have survived….and it feels great.

  • It’s a feeling of overwhelming relief

  • It’s a little bit wild

  • It’s like feeling alive

Inspired by service in the British military, we have designed high performance robes specifically to make it easy for you to enjoy the outdoors.

Worried about being too cold to enjoy the outdoors?

How will you get changed?

What about your phone or car keys?

We’ve got you.

Our aim is to provide you with everything you need to enjoy life outdoors, whether you’ve just swum the Channel, finished a marathon, trekked up a freezing mountain, or just got to walk the dog in the rain… again.

Our sports robes are made to the highest specifications to ensure performance when you need it. The outer shell is weatherproof with heat-sealed seams and the thick breathable fleece lining will wick the water from your skin, warming you at the same time. Pulling up the fleece-lined hood up is like crawling into a sleeping bag in a Winter’s storm.

The proven YKK double front zip won’t fail you even if your fingers do (the cold plastic is also kept away from your bare skin by a flap, phew). We have thought ahead and provided a coat hangar for easy drying. There are plenty of pockets (fleece lined to warm those hands) and we’ve even made it easy to listen to music with an earphone slot. We’ve also included a waterproof stuff bag so your robe can stay in your car ready to go.

Our waterproof phone case and handy lanyard is equally happy looking after your car key or your glasses when swimming or keeping the rain out on a hike. No more hiding keys under the wheel or using dubious key safes. And the best part – your phone’s touchscreen will work in the rain and underwater so you can follow your moving map or take awesome underwater shots.

You need quality outdoor gear that performs and is comfortable. But you also need to be sure. We’ve put a lot of work into our product and guarantee our waterproof sports robes for an entire year. Try them in all seasons. If any manufacturing problems occur, we’ll happily refund you or send a replacement free of charge.

Feel the animal inside, feel alive, tame nature….. comfortably

drinking hot chocolate by lake
man and woman walking along pier

Take a closer look

Performance Doesn’t Matter if it Doesn’t Last

That’s why we stand by our robes and offer a free 1 year manufacturer’s guarantee. If you notice any problems with the quality of your robe then contact us for a replacement or a refund. See ‘Returns and Warranty’ for info. Registration required.

High Performance

  • Top quality waterproof construction

  • Taped seams

  • Durable Water Repellant coating

  • Quality YKK double zip

  • Over-sized zip pulls for cold fingers

  • Luxuriously soft and thick sherpa fleece that warms AND dries

  • Quick drying washable material with handy coat hook

  • Waterproof internal zipped pocket for phone (with old school earphone hole - you’re not going to risk your air pods are you?)

Our accessories - included with your robe:

Our waterproof phone case:

  • Keep your car key or glasses safe whilst swimming

  • Ideal for hiking in all weathers with a navigation app

  • Touchscreen works when wet and underwater

  • Waterproof to IPX8

  • Lanyard included (not shown)

Our waterproof carry bag:

  • Keep in in the car ready to go

  • Fits all sizes

  • Made from the same material as the robe

  • Use it as a changing mat on sand

  • Equally happy to be used as a pillow!

Our Mission

Our mission is to make it easy and comfortable for you to enjoy the outdoors.

We know how important time spent outdoors is. We’ve felt it. There are countless reports of the benefits of hard physical exercise, of walking barefoot on the beach, of breathing fresh air, of climbing a hill and stretching your lungs, of spending a few long minutes in freezing water, of challenging yourself physically and mentally. Not to mention the benefits of logging off and getting away from air conditioning and artificial light.

And that was before 2020…

But it is crucial to do so whilst maintaining respect for Mother Nature. We like to joke that we can ‘tame nature’ but in truth it is only our recklessness that we can tame. You need to follow precautions. Such as having the right equipment. Regardless of your activity, if you’ve exerted yourself you’ll be tired and that means you can quickly lose body heat. The first few minutes after extreme exercise are crucial and that is why we are proud to provide you with a way to comfortably and quickly warm and maintain that all important heat, keeping the weather outside…outside and helping you safely re-define your limits.

We feel passionately about empowering people to get outdoors and to enjoy it. To do something that feels a little risky and to conquer that fear. And reap the rewards that come with it.

We want to make life easy for you. We’ve thought long and hard about the best features you need in your robe. A complete solution that can take you anywhere, be it from office to ocean, from sofa to sea, or from couch to camping.

And leave you wanting more.

My Story.

Inspired by service in the British military. Shaped by failure.

The Endex brand was developed out of my failure in Royal Marines training. Or what could easily be construed as failure. I didn’t make it to the end of training yet I learnt some invaluable lessons and had some incredible experiences along the way. Part of the Endex feeling is the overwhelming sense of accomplishment after having done something that you know pushed you individually, regardless of how easy or difficult it was for someone else. That is the leading edge of personal growth and our mission is to help you feel that too by making the outdoors, and all it has to offer, just a little bit more accessible.

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Sizing Info:

Large: Suitable for heights above 6’1” or those above 5’11” who want lots of changing room

Handy Zip user guide.

Our zips are made by the world’s leading manufacturer. The front zip is 2 way and reversible which means its super versatile. But because our robes are over-sized they can be tricky to use. Follow our handy guide to avoid frustration.

To Do up:

  • both zips must be fully down and held in place

  • feed the free right side all the way through both zips

  • pull up the top zip as required, keeping tension on the right side

  • bottom zip can then be adjusted for comfort for getting changed or sitting down etc.

Keep your robe in top condition.

All waterproof clothing will eventually degrade through washing or general wear and tear. Fabsil is proven to keep it working as it was designed.

legal Info:

Don’t wear robe on water. Bag has risk of suffocation - keep away from children. Always follow phone case instructions, test for water ingress before use and don’t exceed 2m depth. Phone case has risk of strangulation - not a toy, keep away from children. We cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss due to the waterproof case. Water (and nature in general) demand respect - please be responsible and follow all relevant safety guidance. Never swim alone.

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